Ascension will bring about with it a different way of existence, and ultimately another way to love. We call that the 5th-dimensional love. This love is far different from the love relationships on the 3D, and the main reasons are that it stems from unity and not from separation.

In the 5th dimension, there is no separation but a profoundinterconnection. Hence, love is not a search for the better half of yourself, but a burst of unconditional love from within. It’s like loving yourself so much that your love overflows into all that is, all different facets of yourself.

Compared to the 3rd-dimensional love relationships, where there is a lot of need to control the other to make yourself feel safe, 5th-dimensional love is never about control and owning the other. If we are to translate it into our words, it would be like sort of an open relationship. This doesn’t mean that there will no longer be love relations between two opposite-sex partners. It means that there will be no struggle for power and the survival-mode type of love bonds we see today. There is less mirroring which means less to no conflict.

Physical love will fade in importance because, in the 5th dimension, love happens more on an energetic and spiritual level. The need to “materialize” love through physical activity will no longer hold such a key place in love relationships. Instead, 5th-dimensional love is more about co-creating in a graceful state of being, through guidance, inspiration, and intuition. Things happen in perfect synchronicity, and nobody has to lose for the other to win.

Ultimately,5th-dimensional love is no so much about relying on the other for your happiness but enjoying your experience together as creative creators. There is no hurt in 5th-dimensional love relations, but a graceful unfolding of something two individuals create together, from unconditional love, in perfect synchronicity.