The times we’re living in now, with all the fear propaganda of a flu-like virus has had a tremendous impact on our society. Some have given in into the fear of getting sick and possibly dying, while others, more aware of what is going on at a spiritual planetary level, have subtracted the good change that this global event can bring.

Yes, this is a time to co-create a new reality and put the basis of the New Earth, instead of following the old ways and reacting to what is thrown at us.

An old Aboriginal prophecy speaks precisely about this. This prophecy foretells the significant changes that will happen to our planet and invites us to hold a high-vibrational state of mind, instead of fear of what might happen.

This prophecy speaks about a Magic Box that has been brought on our planet by the Pleiadians. The box holds great powers, but these powers cannot be unleashed into the world unless we activate the Magic Box, by feeding it pure positive human energy. For this, we need a significant number of people all over the world to hold a high-frequency vibration. Once this is attained, and the Magic Box is activated, its energy will amplify our high collective vibration, and transmute us into a different reality Earth.

This acceleration onto a higher-vibrational plane of existence is inevitable, but it is up to us to work together and activate the Magic Box. If we aren’t able to hold a high enough vibration, the Magic Box will solely cleanse the energy of the planet and purify it. However, there’s no turning back, and sooner or later we will make the numbers to uplift the planetary vibration. It takes inner work on the spiritual and exegetical levels so that we can hold such a high vibration and move onto a higher dimensional Earth.

According to the Aboriginal prophecy, past December 21 2020, the old system will crumble, and people will eventually be faced with their shadows to evolve and grow. Benevolent alien races and the keepers of Earth are here to support us in the activation of the Magic Box, but they can’t do it for us. It is up to us to ascend and together move into a new Golden Age Earth.