In these times of significantspiritual change on Earth, the 3-dimensionalreality no longer fits our expansion. It’s like growing out of an old pair of shoes and having to say your goodbye. The thing is, we’re in this together, but we’re not at the same milestones. Some people have already ascended to the 4th dimensional Earth plane, while others are still deeply rooted in fear and limitations.

So, what are the 4th dimensions like? The 4thDimension is like a bridge between the painful 3D Earth and the heaven 5D. It’s like that passage from deep sleep to the state of being fully awakened and alert. Is not yet awake, but aware that you are dreaming.

When you become aware and acknowledge the fact that you create your reality, you start to choose things that you think and believe. This is the tipping point between the 3D and the 4D dimensions. Because the thing is, the 4thDimension is not an outside world waiting for you, but an inside job. You create it whenever you hold a positive thought and focus on a positive intention for yourself and others.

This ascension into the 4thDimension doesn’t just happen, and you get to stay there forever. It’s more like a back and forth motion between your old self with the old programming and the new self, the one that creates his/her reality. It’s a state of mind, a precursor of the Heaven on Earth that is the 5th-dimensional reality.

Ascending to 4thDimension is about choosing the thoughts that make you feel good, that are loving for yourself and others. It’s a place of forgiveness and acceptance and leaving all the old trauma behind. When we start to do this consciously, the outside world will begin to reflect it.

You know you’ve ascended into the 4th dimensions when you experience synchronicities, coincidences and things happening for you. It’s like being at the right place, at the right time with the right people—all the time.