The 5thDimension is something spiritual teachers refer to as Heaven on Earth or the Golden Age. Ascending to the 5thDimension takes a lot of will and determination because you need to break away from your past self, the mental programming and all that was negative within.

There is only a small amount of people on Earth already ascended to the 5thDimension,and the main reason is that it’s difficult to detach from the vibrational level of the collective consciousness. In other words, where we go one, we go all. We are in this as a collective, and we can only separate that much from the rest.

Another reason is that there are very few people now on Earth that have managed to fully heal their inner selves from past trauma and access their infinite, unconditionally loving being.

However, the rapid collective awakening over the past year in enabling us more and more to ascend into the 5thDimension. So, what is a 5th dimensional plane of existence? It’s a place where you can create what you imagine right on the spot. Where the reality around you is the direct result of the unconditionally loving thoughts, you fond within.

There are no negative thoughts in the 5thDimension, and consequently, there is less polarity. It’s a place where there is no lack, no fear, no suffering, but only joy, love and peace. In 5D, there is no need to learn through suffering and hardship, and you never feel separated from the others because you understand that we are all one. And this is truly beautiful.

Ascending to the 5thDimension is what awaits for us in the years to come, that is for sure. The fact that we are living such extraordinary times, this Earth has yet to see, is truly a blessing on its own.