Gaia, or the Mother Earth is the spirit of our planet. She embodies the loving mother (mother nature), a nurturing and unconditionally loving being. Although we have treated our planet so badly, and we still do, Gaia has never stop loving us, and forgiving us for all that we’ve done bad.

At this time, Gaia is going through her own ascension, a transition from the Pisces Age to the Aquarius Age. This is also known as a New Golden Age of love. Our planet has elevated its vibrational state and can no longer accommodate lower vibrational beings and the levels of violence and suffering it has seen. This ascension of Gaia also supports our ascension. In other words, it is easier for anybody to ascend and raise their frequency at this time, if they so wish to.

Our planet is going through a purge on all its levels, physical, emotional, vibrational. If we don’t follow through and cleanse ourselves too, we will no longer match the planet’s vibration and we will have to exit. You will see many people unexpectedly pass and other more evolved individuals come to life, here on Earth. Some say that only 20% of the Earth’s population will ascend together with the 5th dimensional planet, the rest will remain in the 3D to play out their karmic debts.

This New Earth is an Eden, where there is no polarity, no right and wrong, only love, light, happiness and acceptance. Fear and judgement will no longer find home here. Gaia will offer is new sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables and even populate the Earth with new species of animals, more loving and that are not aggressive.

All human beings living on ascended Gaia will unlock super-powers, amazing sensory capabilities that most of us don’t even know exist. The new Garden of Eden is awaiting for us to join her in her ascension, by becoming more loving towards others and ourselves. Ascension of Gaia is happening as we speak and it’s going to be amazing!