The Arcturian alien race is one of the most advanced civilizations in our galaxy, if not the most advanced. Arcturians are 5th dimensional beings and above, which means their bodies are no longer materialized, but they can come into a physical form when they desire. The Arcturians come from beautiful crystalline core planet that orbits the star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation.

The simplest way to tell if you have a connection with Arcturians is an affinity for the color purple. If you’ve heard of the Violet Ray, or worked with this light of transmutation, or simply are into learning more about it, you’re probably connected to this Arcturian alien civilization. Arcturians are angelic-like beings, oftentimes mistaken for angelic apparitions. If you ever have experienced an angelic apparition, or feel attracted to the angel realm, you probably have a deep connection with Arcturians.

Most importantly, Arcturians work with the Violet Fire of Transmutation and here to teach us about personal change and transformation. This has always been their service for others. Hence, human shamans, doctors and healers are usually Arcturian starseeds or have a close Arcturian connection. Arcturians are close to us when we come into life and when we exit, and they help us return to our spirits after death and redesign a new life.

They are masters of transformation and transmutation and are here to teach us about personal transformation and ascension to help us to ascend into the 4th dimension. This process is, of course, infinite, but there are milestones and levels that we attain in reaching a higher version. Arcturians are here to remind us that the transformation we want to see in the world is a reflection of the transformation within.

There are many Arcturian starseeds incarnated now on Earth that aid and assist humanity in the ascension process. If you have healing abilities and feel this urge to help others transform and become better individuals, you probably have a deep connection with Arturians.