Alien races have always been a part of life on Earth although the official narrative still does not acknowledge this fact. It is highly probable that in the near future the world governments will disclose to us that extraterrestrials not only exist, but also walk among us.

One of the extraterrestrial races that is closest to us are the Pleiadians.

Pleiadians are benevolent extraterrestrials with angelic appearance, similar to the Nordic population, blue-eyed and fair blonde hair. When they incarnate they are beautiful beyond imagination, like fairies from our folk tales. They come from the constellation Taurus and are 5th dimensional beings.

Pleiadians are one of the closest alien race to us because we have a sort-of karmic bond. Very long time ago, when the Reptilian race came to Earth, Pleiadians were our guardians at the time. Little by little, through pervasive means, Reptilians started to infiltrate and pervert the human society (the snake tale from the Bible) and in a sense Pleiadians feel that they have to payback for this slip and help humankind awake and rise up to higher levels of consciousness.

Today up to a third of the human population are starseeds of different alien races. If you are here reading this article, it is no coincidence, and it’s very likely that you have a connection with Pleiadians or other alien races.

How to know if you have a connection with Pleiadians?

First, a starseed has a deep feeling of not belonging to Earth, are highly sensitive and empaths, with an attraction for spiritual things and the urge to become a greater version of themselves and to serve others. Pleiadian starseeds in particular are characterized by a rich creativity and a very loving nature. Most of them have incarnated here to assist and help human consciousness expand and break free from the spiritual enslavement created by the malevolent extraterrestrials.

If you are guided by a sharp sense of social justice, have a deep urge to help, and feel the emotions of others like they are your own, you are probably a Pleiadian starseed too or have a strong Pleiadian connection.