Our featured guests and special contributors are amazing individuals who work to uplift and awake humanity.

Special Guest Contributors

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Eesha Patel


Eesha Patel is an international channeller, speaker, author and healer. Eesha is the founder of Origin Activation Method, a powerful multi-dimensional energy healing modality that is currently being taught to world-class coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs who are here fulfilling their big visions of raising the consciousness of this planet at mass scale.

In the last 5 years, Eesha has helped over 10,000 people awaken and step into their purpose with abundance. Eesha now helps 7-figure transformational leaders 10X their transformational abilities to make quantum leaps in their businesses for maximised profit, impact and ease with Origin Activation.


Anastasha Grace


Anastasha Grace is a master of energy, and emotional clearing practitioner, a behavioural specialist, a transformation coach and energy therapist. Born with innate healing and intuitive abilities, Anastasha has spent many years studying transpersonal psychology, psychosomatics, human consciousness, spirituality, bioenergetic therapy, metaphysics, and energy healing.

Anastasha specializes in transformational work for the healing of soul, mind, body and spirit including Inner child work, Shadow work, Archetypal work, energy work, channelling, spiritual practices, meditation, hypnotherapy and trauma release therapy.