You vibe attracts your tribe. That is, what you think attracts your reality. Positive thoughts attract positive circumstances and negative thoughts attract challenges so that you no longer choose these thoughts. Everything is perfect, but when you have had enough of suffering and life lessons, you might want to consider accessing a higher vibration.

Everyone can live from a higher vibration in two simple steps. First is, becoming aware of the fact that your thoughts create your reality and owning it. The second thing to do is forgive your past self, accept all of your previous limitations and those of others around you. In a sense, the second step is more important because it is highly improbable that you can sustain positive thoughts unless you have cleaned your closet beforehand.

So, how does living in a higher vibrational state feel like?

It’s like living in a rooftop penthouse from where you can see the bigger picture, the bigger perspective, but always shift in between this and the ego perspective. You cannot experience life as a perspective, as the piece of puzzle that you are, if you’re always seeing yourself as the whole puzzle. This is why, to be able to live in a higher vibration and still have this down to earth life experience, you have to acknowledge the finite and the infinite perspectives within yourself.

A higher vibration will attract more beautiful life experiences, lovely synchronicities and your whole life will feel like a big party where everyone is happy and feeling good. You’ll attract the right people at the right time, the best life experiences and live the most awesome like.

Three things to take with you: create what you want, love yourself the way you are and know that every life circumstance happens for you. God bless!