There has been a lot of talk over the past years about something called The Great Awakening of the human consciousness, and the end of the old world. The year 2012 has marked an important milestone, as the Mayans predicted the end of the world. What actually happened was a tipping of the scale from a predominantly negative-based collective to a more positive, light-consciousness.

What we live now in 2020, is the closing of this chapter. Human consciousness has evolved to the point where things are accelerated. What used to be considered“conspiracy theory” is becoming mainstream because there are too many coincidences to make it mathematically impossible.

Welcome to the New Earth!

This New Earth is a place where the power no longer stands in the hands of a few people who are ill intended, where people no longer suffer from lack, poverty and their own programming. This world is a place where value stands in being, and not doing or having. Where love is the greatest power and the highest commodity. Here people have developed enough empathy to understand and not judge others, where everyone takes full responsibility for their lives, for how they feel and what they create.

The New Earth is here and ready to open its gates for everyone.

However, in order to access this world, we need to change the old, limiting ways of being, to strip down our fears and do that internal work of self-healing and self-loving. Unconditional love, acceptance and understanding are the aspects we need to elevate within ourselves to be able to see and access the New Earth. This spiritual work is part of the self-accountability that is key for ascension to higher realms.

Open your heart and allow yourself go through the ascension experience in the smoothest way possible. Take your time and enjoy the ride. We’re all waiting for you to glow your brightest most beautiful colors in The New Earth. Much love to you.