Uluru Solstice Ceremony 21st December 2020
The biggest astrological and spiritual event of 2020 was welcomed by people around the world and many sacred sites were filled with lightworkers. Uluru was the focal point for this event and considered to be a catalyst for peace, unity and freedom.

Valérie Barrow is a psychic medium who gives her gifts, writings and teachings in service as an instrument of The Creative Source of All.

Valérie spreads the sacred history of the Planet Earth with help from Sanat Kumar, Alcheringa, Jalarm the Atlantean, The Creative Source of All and other ascended masters and beings from the Angelic Realms.

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Ivan is a spiritual individual on his path of awakening, with a mission to help humankind get on the right track, and ascend as a collective.


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Transcript – “Alcheringa” channelling by Valerie Barrow:

I am here my dear, and I am very pleased to be here.

I am delighted, (he coughs with the wind blowing)

Yes, I will be very very happy to speak, and I am glad that this is taking place.

Because it is allowing, more and more people come to know and understand the existence of star people, that people talk about ancestors, they are really from the stars.

Anything that is not of the earth is extra-terrestrial.

ET’s exist, you understand that? So, It is nothing to be afraid of, at all, and when it’s the truth it will feel right, it will feel good. Aren’t you feeling pleased with my presence being here? In fact, many people who visit this area feel uplifted because there has been a lot of work with the beautiful indigenous people with ceremony and song and storytelling and holding the energy of connectedness.

And so people feel that it makes them stronger and it also connects them to Creator Source because it is created in itself, do you understand?

It’s very simple really. Life could be very complicated if you want it to be complicated, or it could be very simple.  And the indigenous people, bless them, have kept the stories down through the ages.

It does not matter about time, time and distance do not exist when you enter the time of time with the mind connection. There is no separation.

In an example, when Valerie does work with people on Skype and they may be on the other side of the world and they talk and that might be a different time but they are connected at the same time. And talking at the same time.  And when I say time, I mean face to face that is it. So if you can understand that, and taking it further and further away time and distance does not exist.  However intention and focus is important, and that needs to be also focused with truth, not playing around, but total focus without any interruptions at all, total focus like a sword of light through the darkness, does that make sense?

Then people can see I think that the fellow that created the internet, did say that humanity would move on eventually, and you did not need all this technology, that it would be easy to communicate telepathically.

Already people are talking about the veil thinning and their actually getting interaction with people and certainly, in the past, there were abilities in Ancient Egypt that could walk through walls, that type of thing.  Certainly, they were very, very clever people within the indigenous race of Australia or Mu as it was or Lemuria if you like, or Gondwanaland. It was all very different but they are the same people. They have not liked to get involved with technology.

They communicated with one side of Australia and would be advising the other side of Australia, the Eastside and the west side of Australia.  But they would all gather and know of the meeting place that was going to happen and they would gather. How did they contact and communicate with each other? Through telepathy. Mind to mind. They could do it.  Unfortunately, it’s being a little lost now, but it does still happen and it is important that the indigenous people be respected and acknowledged and understand why it is not easy for them to be able to adjust, shall we say the new ways of the white man or whatever, that have come with technology. They are not interested really, but they do adjust.

There is change, and this is something that will need to be sorted out and agreed to but certainly, they should be acknowledged because they have held in their dreaming stories, the very source of creation, that have been real they have not embellished it they have gone through initiations, and even had near-death experiences come back and know that they have been communicating with the star worlds and sky people.

They knew all these things, and they know it and they need to be accepted and treated with great respect. Because not everybody could do these sort of things, that they can do, and know.  They’re not out to prove anything at all. And so I have actually wanted and hoped that the existence of Uluru and its’ magic if you like, and the reason it’s here and how it was brought and why the indigenous people know all these things, and they tell stories in different ways from what I would have talked about from a scientific way, but it’s still the same and they know it.  So I would ask everybody, to think about what they can do and what they have done in the past. The clever ones have said, in various tribes, they have said that Uluru came from the stars, but there are scientists that say that it hasn’t.  So they don’t say anything out loud anymore, but they know. And they don’t want to cause arguments or disagreements, they just quieten down.

The truth, coming out the way it is, and the ways they know have been considered the first astronomers and they were.  All these things are important and that they are honoured about, all of them. They have a belonging, to the connectedness of everything upon the planet, and the sky and the star people and the universe.

So please consider, please consider,  it has been very hard for them to adjust to the new ways.  So I would ask for all to respect them and understand them more, read about them, learn about them. You will find they have a wonderful sense of humour.  So my dear I won’t stay any longer. I’ve just come to say I’m very happy with what has been taken place. The hierarchy is very happy with what is taking place, and I would like to say yes we are going to show our faces everywhere so that there would be no doubt that the sky people exist, that we exist. Everyone is sky people, it is important that you understand and know this.

Thank you my dears, thank you.

God bless you.