We are one with all that is. Separation is just an illusion so that we can see the different facets of who we are, to be able to have the experience of oneness. This is one of the most difficult things to grasp with the physical mind and it’s perfectly understandable. The physical mind is designed solely to perceive what is and to put us in a reality frame built upon the things that we believe to be true. It’s when we define ourselves and all that is around us through these limitative beliefs, the point where we can no longer see the bigger picture.

We believe our physical mind when it tells us you are this and that, you are different from the person near you, from your family, friends, you are alone and separated from the rest. This illusion of the mind serves its purpose. That is, to give us a veritable experience on the 3D Earth. Without this illusion, life as we know it, would no longer make sense.

But there is life beyond this Earthly experience.

Our most ardent existential questions revolve around where we come from, who we are and what is the purpose of all this. These questions look for the higher perspective, the bigger picture because at some level, we all can sense the limitations and absurdity of our lives resuming to life and death and nothing else. There must be a deeper meaning, right?

Here is where the higher mind, or the intuition comes into play. You can compare this to the ultimate intelligence grid where we’re all connected at the soul level. This is where all brilliant ideas, insights and inspiration comes from. From the higher mind’s perspective, we’re not alone or separated from the others, but on the contrary. We are all one with all that is.

When we being to develop this intuition mind, and we become more empathic, we get to feel this even more. We’re all one, the same soul split into infinite personalities, just like the pieces of a shattered mirror. We are a piece of a giant puzzle, but that piece reflects all that is from its perspective.

When you start to live by the idea that we are all one, you get to understand the tremendous importance, value and worth of the lives of all the beings around you, and that of yourself. That is infinite.